Selection of Candidates

Admission to the World Academy of Martial Arts Philosophy and Science (WAMAPS) is based on evidence of a student’s ability to benefit from educational program. Such evidence may include any or all of the following: the student’s academic records at other institutions, motivation, educational objectives and relevant work experience.

World Academy of Martial Arts Philosophy and Science (WAMAPS) will evaluate the candidates based on their knowledge, qualification and life experience. Upon completion of the martial arts program, successful and qualified candidates will be conferred with the appropriate degrees.

The Records Office receives and processes all applications, evaluates transcripts and make all decisions regarding transfer credit. The decision to accept or reject an applicant is made by the Admissions Committee.

Once a completed application form for admission, and an application fee and all official transcripts and any other requested documents are received and evaluated by the Records Office, a letter of acceptance, or rejection is issued to the applicant.

Upon acceptance, an evaluation in the form of either a Certificate of Admission and Evaluation, a Certificate of Readmission and Re-evaluation, or a Report of Graduation Requirements constitutes official notification to the student of the course of study required to complete the selected degree program.

No diploma or transcripts from World Academy of Martial Arts Philosophy and Science (WAMAPS) will be issued until all fees and tuition are paid in full.